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Setting a Token Icon on TWIX Testnet Public Cloud Wallet

Introduction: Follow these simple steps to set a token icon using the TWIX testnet public cloud wallet hosted on https://w.twix.live. Make sure to have an icon in SVG format and a size no larger than 4096 bytes.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Find or generate an icon for your token in SVG format. Ensure the file size is no more than 4096 bytes.

  2. Visit an online tool, such as https://base64.guru/converter/encode/image/svg, to encode your SVG file into a base64 string. Upload the file and copy the generated base64 string.

  1. Log in to your public Twix wallet at https://w.twix.live.

  2. Navigate to your tokens page, which is named "mosaics".

  3. Click on "Add Meta Data" and choose your desired token. Note that you must be the creator of the token and have a positive balance of this token in your account.

  1. In the "Scoped Metadata Key" field, type "tokenIconImage".

  2. In the metadata field, paste the base64 string you copied in step 2.

  1. Enter your wallet password and sign the transaction.

  2. In a few minutes, your token will be updated with the new icon.

  1. To replace the icon, you can either repeat the process or edit the metadata with the new value. Be aware that the "Scoped Metadata Key" will appear as a hash value (9271ACDBD57BCE79) when editing.

Conclusion: By following these steps, you can set or update the icon for your token on the TWIX testnet public cloud wallet. This will make your token more recognizable and visually appealing within the wallet interface.

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