TWINS staking guide

  • Let's start from the beginning and I will give you a bit of common information at first. We will start from TWINS rewards. In my opinion there is the best way to understand how it’s better to do for staking. TWINS coin has permanent rewards. Main part of them it’s a Masternode’s reward and a holder takes 12176.56 TWINS coins. This is the 80% of whole amount of the rewards. 1522.07 TWINS goes to staking rewards for stakers and the same amount goes to DEV’s fund. So 80% are going to MN’s holders who own and block 1M coins and run at VPS or at their own server MN, 10% to stakers and 10% to DEV’s fund. When you are the TWINS MN’s owner you will take the rewards according to general amount of MNs. Obviously when the MNs amount is increasing you will take less often your rewards. According to coin spec you can see what we have 1 block every 2 minutes or 30*24=720 per day. When we have 720 MNs online apparently MNs holder will take approximately 1 reward per day. I’m adding some more digits right now – mature coins time for staking is 3 hours. You can find all this info on website at «Coin Specs» section.

  • Wallet-Address-Input. What is the difference? Wallet it’s an application which you are installing on your home PC or laptop. This application is similar with client-bank application to connect to the Internet. Address is a set with letters and digits like this one - WfEzRnnLwpErP44VWtJhpKHzX1UVdPovUD, which was generated in your wallet. You can have many addresses just how many you want. It means how many addresses you will generate in the wallet the same addresses you can operate in the TWINS blockchain. You can send and receive transactions to these addresses. When you need to receive a payment you will give one of these addresses to your sender. It’s like a usual bank account in client-bank system. Input is payments quantity which your transaction can be splitted if you send it to one address. Exactly inputs are used for staking and as higher their quantity and amount as more often is your chance to take a reward. Now we are going to describe step-by-step process of addresses and separated inputs creation in your wallet. Next option has to be activated for coin control in your wallet. Just go to «Settings-Options-Wallet» and tick the option «Enable coin control…». Only this way will give you an ability to choose separated inputs.

  • Now you can press «Send» button and option «Open Coin Control» we be able to you.

  • As you can see my addresses have aliases for convenience. You can do this in a process of address creation. This part of manual will be dedicated exactly this case. Go to «Receive» tab in a field «Label» you can type here your own alias name for your new address, in field «Amount» any digits e.x. 1 000 000 coins and press «Request payment» (Pic. 4). After this action new address will be generated. For example I used alias «MNTEST».

In next window you can see a new address with our alias (Pic. 5).

Or we can use another one way for address creation. Maybe this way will be easier for you. Go to «File-Receiving addresses-New» there you can choose a label for your new address and press «OK» (Pic. 6).

  • Now we have the address which we will use for staking. Exactly there we will transfer and split our coins for staking. This way we are going to use 1 address and many inputs. Every input will be able to take part in a random staking choice. Also you have to take into account as lower coins amount you have on input as later it will take part in reward. Unfortunately at this moment we don’t have accurate calculating and statistics chart an optimal or average coins amount for every input because it isn’t permanent. So exactly this way we can advice you to use coins experimentally. We can recommend you to make some inputs with defined coins amount, e.x. 10% of MN’s cost (100k) and just look some next days how it will take part in staking and look how would be better to increase or decrease them or stay as it is. Also I have to tell you one thing, every time when you get a reward your input splits for two parts and you should take care about it and send back needed coins amount for good staking or you can execute in the console next command «setstakesplitthreshold 999999» and this way your inputs won't split anymore (theoretically needed to check on practice). So let’s go back to Pic. 3 and take a look at rows in opened window. Exactly these rows are inputs. You can see one row with lock. This is a 1M coins and there are locked in MN. In standard mode they aren’t acceptable for sending. But all other coins you can send for example to one address and split them for some inputs with same coins amount per input. So right now we are going to do it. Just press the button «select all» (Pic. 7-1), be sure all rows are selected and press «OK» (Pic. 7-2).

Next we take whole unlocked coins amount for transfer (Pic. 8-1). We can approximate it to the nearest integer if we divide by 5 (Pic 8-4) e.x. and we have 37325 (Pic. 8-2) (calculated manually!!!). At the Pic. 8-3 we can see the tick for whole amount splitting (Pic. 8-2) with equal INPUTS quantity (Pic. 8-3). This is exactly that tick what can make defined inputs amount for staking with equal coins quantity from whole amount. Whether you can separate a whole amount without approximation to defined inputs. This way the wallet will separate it by itself to equal parts. All these inputs will be connected with address in the field «Pay To». If this address was created earlier with label (alias) we will see this alias in the field «Label», like an example with «MNTEST» (Pic. 9).

  • That’s all finally you have to press «Send» button, confirm with «OK» and your amount will be sent to one address but with defined splitting (our example 5) inputs quantity. Now after first confirmation we can see our new inputs with equal coins amount per input (Pic. 10). After 3 hours maturity they will take part in staking. The same time we need again to mature coins in that input since reward is taken.

P.S. In conclusion I want to describe permanent moments. Without them staking won’t work! The wallet must be running and always online, synced, unlocked and with matured coins. You can check this options via command «getstakingstatus». The result must be «true»:

"validtime": true, "haveconnections": true, "walletunlocked": true, "mintablecoins": true, "enoughcoins": true, "mnsync": true, "staking status": true

It means all points are fulfilled and staking works. The icon «W» in the right lower corner is green.

  • If you have «"walletunlocked": false», it means you forgot to unlock your wallet and you will see closed lock to the left of «W»;

  • "haveconnections": true – you have a connecting with blockchain;

  • "mintablecoins": true – you have matured coins (mature time is 3 hours for staking);

  • "mnsync": true – your wallet is fully synced with blockchain;

  • "staking status": true – common status when all previous points are «true».

Also you can write in your wallet folder in twins.conf file one row with staking=1. This way you will be absolutely sure what staking in your wallet is active.

P.P.S. And the final general information about first MN reward. Time (in hours) for first reward is calculated by formula MNs_amount*2.6\60. For example at the moment of this manual writing common MNs quantity=386, so we have 386*2.6\60=16,72 hours.

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