Frequently Asked Questions

There are many DEXs out there already. Why do we need a new one? How is win.win different?

We are here to build and enable a truly decentralized, autonomous, self-sustainable and independent exchange service, running as a DAPP on dedicated proof-of-stake blockchain infrastructure to facilitate the direct transacting of value between network users.

There will be no fees paid to any third-party for direct peer-to-peer exchanges, as these transactions are performed directly between user wallets.

The difference between win.win and any other DEX is that win.win will belong to the community of its users, will be safe, secure and will have no trading fees.

What is TWINS and what is the use case for this coin?

TWINS is the native coin of the win.win network and will play a major role in this ecosystem. Users wishing to record their sell or buy orders on the exchange will pay a small fee in TWINS to the network itself, and this fee will then be transferred to network participants such as masternodes, supernodes, stakers and the community-driven development fund in the form of network rewards. In addition, participants will use the TWINS coin to issue new digital assets or manage smart contracts on the win.win blockchain network.

What are the reasons we can't implement the win.win DEX DAPP now? Why wait for Stage 3?

There are multiple reasons that we cannot develop the win.win exchange yet. We know that our goal is technically achievable, but there are multiple approaches to the problem. We need to attract brilliant minds such as engineers, developers, cryptographers and mathematicians to design the right architecture and solve cross-chain atomic swap scalability, speed and security challenges. We have no budget to employ people, and any third-party investment would be contrary to the idea of building a truly independent DAPP. Therefore, our plan is to organize and manage community-driven tasks and missions, funded by the TWINS cryptocurrency that is allocated to the development fund.

NEM’s Symbol is currently the best technology candidate to be used as the underlying blockchain infrastructure for the win.win exchange. As per published specs, this technology provides high performance infrastructure to support up to 4000 on-chain transactions per second and includes multi-signature capabilities, a high level of security and decentralized atomic swaps. We have signed a mutual partnership agreement with the NEM Foundation, with the goal of implementing and using their technology for all the New Capital projects where this technology is appropriate, including win.win. However, this technology is still under development and the delivery schedule for the production-ready version is not yet clear.

The win.win blockchain infrastructure must be mature and secure, but also grow in value, so that it would be too expensive to break or take over, before we deploy the actual DAPP.

There is a high level roadmap, but there is no detailed plan or whitepaper with target dates. Why is this?

We totally understand that many of the industry participants are used to very specific templates for new crypto-projects: problem, solution, white paper, roadmap, report. We are trying to follow the template where we can. What we cannot do is to commit to stages and associated delivery dates unless we are satisfied that we can meet those targets. We are confident that the win.win vision is technically achievable, and we know the direction that we should follow. However, we do not yet have the detailed and exact progress map.

This is a very new and dynamic industry that is changing very quickly. Many things are still unclear, and we do not know the details of how we are going to overcome all the challenges. There are many risks involved such as security, regulations, centralization, economics, scalability and competition. We know that we are going to meet unexpected obstacles in our journey, and it would be irresponsible and misleading to try and predict any execution dates at this early stage.

However, some of our community members have decided to commence the white paper writing process, something we did not consider a priority for the moment, but we will support the initiative and provide all the information that we have. We believe that the result of this mission will be to compile more extensive information about the project, and will serve as the basis for the white paper, without including a full technical solution.

Do we have a marketing plan for win.win and/or TWINS?

We see win.win as the peer-to-peer transaction platform of the future and will ensure that the TWINS cryptocurrency is easily accessible and usable as form of settlement within this platform. To achieve this, we will support the usage of TWINS on popular platforms such as mobile and hardware wallets, and build the required tools for third-parites to integrate TWINS into their services. In addition, we will designate TWINS as the default trade pair in all of the future New Capital projects, making this the gateway cryptocurrency for accessing these projects.

Specifically, our goal for stage 2 is to attract people who share our vision and values, and who will invest their experience, knowledge and time to contribute and be proud and qualified members of an outstanding crypto community, dedicated to building a true decentralized network of value and the future DEX together. The dev fund will be used to reward their efforts, and we believe they deserve to be first in line to own TWINS, form the underlying win.win infrastructure and become the backbone of the win.win community. Therefore, at this stage, we will focus our marketing and PR efforts to highlight the available missions on the Source Force platform, with the clear and measurable goal of attracting enthusiasts and converting them into community members, contributors, followers and also leaders.

How are we willing to attract new investors?

We understand that some people are involved with TWINS in order to make a quick profit, and this is their right and their choice. However, this practice is contrary to our mission and philosophy. We make no empty promises and do not ask for investment, as this project must grow as an independent, community-driven eco-system, where enthusiasts and supporters may be rewarded with TWINS by contributing their efforts and knowledge. This is where we are focused right now, in building the required tools, infrastructure and environment where our valuable community members can engage, collaborate and thrive.

For stage 2, what are we busy with at the moment, what are the next steps and what's on our priority list?

We have list of many great ideas, tasks and missions that are required to build, grow and maintain the community and enthusiasts in our eco-system. Some of those missions have already been initiated and are in progress, and others are simply on-hold due to lack of our administrative capacity. In traditional business, the scaling issue is usually solved by simply hiring the right people to do the job. However, our goal is to build an independent, self-sustainable and self-regulatory organization, and therefore we must think differently.

It is estimated that there are more than 2 trillion people hours per year that are available for shared project contributions, but currently there is no effective system that can unlock this amazing potential. One of the main priorities is to define and then implement the right tools and flows in the Source Force platform, so that we may enable simple, but yet effective community-driven and autonomous project management, moderation, collaboration, accounting and development of the open-source missions that are required to bring ideas to reality.

In addition to the above, the win.win team is activelly engaged in researching and defining the scalable and secure architecture for the blockchain infrastructure, researching, analizing and participating in workshops concerning legal and regulatory frameworks, managing the community and advancing relationships with industry participants.

The price of TWINS is low. What are we going to do in order to raise the price?

Some users are expecting us to “do something about the price” or “improve our message to the community”. It is important for us to convey a critical message: any action with the goal of influencing the price is called “market manipulation” and this practice is illegal.

For those who believe that the current price of TWINS is important, it is wrong to conclude that the price is completely dependant on what we do or say. At this stage, when our community is so small and the distribution of TWINS is limited, anyone with as little as 10BTC can move the price dramatically in any direction, driven by their own motives.

The high price volatility is normal and totally expected in the small crypto industry, and especially in young projects such as win.win. In fact, we would expect to see much sharper movements at this early stage.

One more misconception is that we are responsible for someone’s participation in a cryptocurrency. We do not feel responsible, as we did not ask for nor receive your funds. It is a free market, and everyone is capable of making his or her own decision to buy or sell.

It is wrong, and we feel it is also unfair, for participants to expect us to provide any plan, report or forecast of when or how their stake will be returned, as we are not responsible for the price of TWINS. Our focus on the TWINS price is reserved for a later stage of this project, and even then we will not be influenced by the desire to satisfy the needs of speculators. Rather, we will need to ensure that the network fees are self-regulating in order to ensure reasonable pricing for network use, and also make the abuse of the network economically unviable.

What is the relationship between New Capital and NEM?

We have signed a mutual partnership agreement with the NEM Foundation, with the goal of implementing and using their technology for all the New Capital projects where this technology is appropriate, including win.win. However, this technology is still under development and the delivery schedule for the production-ready version is not yet clear. As far as the win.win project is concerned, it is important to mention that the proposed migration of the blockchain to Symbol will take place during Stage 3 of this project.

What are Supernodes? Will these replace the current Masternode architecture? Why do we need both Supernodes and Masternodes?

Our goal is to build extremely secure, independent, efficient and high speed blockchain infrastructure. To achieve this, we must implement a multi-tiered node architecture that balances the responsibility, functionality and the level of commitment provided by the network participants. Therefore, during the migration to NEM’s Symbol technology, we will introduce an additional node tier called the “Supernode” that will require a collateral of 100M TWINS.

The network architecture will then comprise of 2 layers: Supernodes will participate in consensus and write to the chain, while Masternodes will form the p2p and API gateway network, calculate transactions, and suggest changes to the Supernode layer. Both layers are equally important to the functioning of the network as decentralized infrastructure, and promote independent network health and fair and balanced distribution of value inflation.

To achieve this architecture, Supernodes become critical components of the win.win network, using high performance servers with dedicated network and administrative resources to ensure speed, availability and security. Obviously the Supernode tier will not be accessible to everyone, and will probably be dominated by crypto funds and a small number of early adopters who have accumulated sufficient TWINS collateral in the early stages of the project.

Architecturally, a fewer number of Supernodes will result in a faster but more centralized network. Conversely, a higher number of Supernodes will result in a slower, yet more decentralized network. In order to ensure that the mature blockchain infrastructure combines performance and decentralization, the maximum target number of supernodes in the consensus layer should be no more than 500.

The maximum supply of TWINS, the inflation rate and the collateral required for Masternodes and Supernodes have been carefully calculated to be consistent with the estimated growth rate in the number of network participants, network use and value.

We will describe this architecture in detail in the white paper later this year, including the automatic balancing distribution algorithm for fairly rewarding network participants.

Are there any plans to promote the TWINS cryptocurrency as a payment method?

The TWINS cryptocurrency is an integral part of the win.win eco-system to enable peer-to-peer value exchanges. This cryptocurrency is not a financial instrument and is only meant to facilitate decentralized use of and participation in the win.win network. However, many are of the opinion that cryptocurrencies provide a practical, efficient and secure method of settlement, and there are numerous initiatives to implement and promote this use-case by third parties. TWINS is an open-source project and we are in no position to limit the use-cases for this cryptocurrency.

What is the purpose of Source Force? How does it affect the TWINS project?

At New Capital, we believe that true community involvement is critical for great ideas to have the best chance of success, and we cannot deliver the win.win decentralized, peer-to-peer, open-source platform without your contributions, input and support.

Source Force is an essential component for coordinating, organizing and rewarding community participation in the TWINS project. This platform provides the tools and workflows to enable simple, yet effective, community-driven and autonomous project management, moderation, collaboration, accounting and development of the missions that are required to bring the TWINS project to reality. The interactive nature of Source Force will also serve to attract enthusiasts and convert them into community members, contributors, followers and also leaders.

An important feature of Source Force is bounty system which shows a contributor their own reward amounts, and includes feedback or comments from the New Capital team member’s based on the work that was submitted.

Any member of New Capital’s Discord group may register for Source Force by completing the necessary online form. Once their application has been accepted, they are ready to submit their work such as documenting, translating, publishing, developing, designing, or reporting any open bugs and fixes. In addition, specific missions that are important for the progress of the TWINS project will be posted, and contributors will have the opportunity to have a significant influence on this project.

The Source Force platform will not only be used for the TWINS project. A variety of initiatives supported by New Capital will be included in this platform, providing an opportunity for community members to become familiar with other exciting, innovative and transformative projects.

Why not list TWINS on more exchanges? Would this not help to increase the awareness of the coin?

The decision regarding the number of exchanges that TWINS should be listed on is a complicated one, and many factors have to be taken into account before considering such actions. There is a fine balance between the desire to create awareness by having additional listings, and the possible drawbacks such as creating liquidity issues when listing on multiple exchanges, potential manipulation in the value of the cryptocurrency, fees to be paid to the exchange and the trustworthiness of the exchange itself.

At this time, we are of the opinion that TWINS should not be listed on any additional exchanges. The main reason for this decision is that spreading the relatively low trading volume in TWINS over a number of exchanges will further dilute transaction volumes, creating a negative impression of project inactivity and stagnation. Additionally, in the future, we aim to list TWINS on highly reputable and regulated exchanges, and we will address this objective when the win.win project becomes more mature and enjoys increased community participation. Listing TWINS on questionable exchanges at this stage may damage our reputation and harm our path going forward.

It is possible that listing on multiple exchanges may assist in raising the public profile of TWINS, but at the current stage of this project, we are of the opinion that the optimum place to promote and build the market in TWINS is on the New Capital Community Exchange. This exchange is EU-based, fully compliant, efficient, secure and safe, and will facilitate the direct trading between TWINS and a variety of cryptocurrencies. In addition, this exchange platform will encourage other crypto communities to join win.win, thereby increasing project visibility and ensuring TWINS liquidity.

It is important to note that because win.win is an open source and community-driven project, our permission or approval in not required in order for community members to independently make an effort to list TWINS on exchanges of their choice.

You have discussed Supernodes, but what are multi-tier Masternodes?

The TWINS blockchain network will comprise of 2 layers: Supernodes will participate in consensus and write to the chain, while Masternodes will form the p2p and API gateway network, calculate transactions, and suggest changes to the Supernode layer.

We will also introduce a multi-tier Masternode system, with each level requiring a different amount of TWINS collateral. This structure will serve as a practical step in simplifying and reducing the hosting, administration and financial resources required by those community members who maintain and support multiple Masternodes.

The multi-tier Masternode system will be as follows:

Tier 1 - 1M TWINS

Tier 2 - 5M TWINS

Tier 3 - 20M TWINS

Tier 4 - 100M TWINS

TWINS rewards will be commensurate with each tier, with the chance of earning rewards increasing linearly with the amount of committed collateral.

How can someone ask more questions here?

Feel free to join our community and ask all the related question at Discord.

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