Linux installation

The guide is written using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The steps should be relatively similar for other Linux distributions.

DO NOT use any other download locations as those do not guarantee that you will get a clean wallet that has not been tampered with.

  • Create a new folder named TWINS and extract the contents of the downloaded compressed wallet file to this folder.

  • To run the wallet open the terminal and navigate to the TWINS folder you created. For example if you have created the TWINS folder in the home directory you can go there by typing: cd ~/TWINS

  • Now start the TWINS wallet by typing : ./twins-qt

  • The first time the program is launched, you will be asked where you want to store your wallet and blockchain data. Choose a location with enough free space as the files can take more space as the blockchain grows. It is recommended to use the default data folder if possible.

  • Initial startup might take a minute and once started wait for the wallet to fully synchronise before you start using it.

  • When the synchronisation is complete you will see a small green icon lighting up at the bottom right corner in your wallet:

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