Translator Guide (read before translating)

Hello everyone!

Happy to have you on board! I'd like to give you a few instructions for your translations:

1. Follow the formatting:

If something is written in bold it should stay in bold in your translation.

If something is written in CAPITALS, it should also STAY IN CAPITALS in your translation.

If something is in a bulleted list,

  • item 1

  • item 2

  • etc.

it should stay in a bulleted list.

If text is written in a special frame like below,

Example text.

it should remain in the same type of frame in your translation.

How to make these frames:

  • Go to an empty line (without text) or create one by pressing ENTER.

  • Then press the circle with the + sign to the left and choose "hint".

  • You can change the type of the frame afterwards by positioning your cursor inside the frame and clicking the circle with the arrow pointing downward, then choosing a type of frame "Info, Warning, Danger or Success".

  • Pay attention to what type of frame is used in the original English text and use the same type in your translation.

2. If the TWINS wallet is available in your language, make screenshots of it in your language for the guide. They have to correspond to the original English screenshots!

You can find out if the wallet contains your interface language by clicking Settings>Options>Display, then checking the drop-down list to the right of "User Interface Language" text).

3. Do not forget to translate text added to screenshots by the guide author.

4. Do not forget to translate text inside code fields

Text formatting:

You can bold or italicize text by selecting the text itself and choosing B to bold it or I to italicize it, OR pressing CTRL + B for bolding and CTRL + I for italicizing.

If you want to mark a part of the text as code, simply select it, and choose the <> sign.

If you want to make text larger, select the circle to the left and choose Heading 1, 2 or 3.

Heading 1 and 2 have keyboard shortcuts which are listed in the same menu (CTRL + SHIFT + 1 for Heading 1, CTRL + SHIFT + 2 for Heading 2).

Choosing "Paragraph" in this menu returns text to normal size.

If you want to create a bulleted list, just go into a new line and begin it with a dash ( - ), then write what you need to, press ENTER and Gitbook will start a bulleted list for you.

  • item 1

  • item 2

  • etc.

Pressing TAB while in a bulleted list will create another list level:

  • item 1

    • item 2

      • item 3

        • item 4

Adding URLs:

You can add URLs by selecting text with your mouse, clicking the right-most icon and typing in the URL into the empty field which appears.

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